Japanese Word for Today Vol.5 !!!


Hello everyone!


Today is Wednesday!

That means……..Japanese Word For Today!!!

This is week 5 already!!!

We introduced some words for greeting last week!

I was working at the restaurant and some customers said ‘Konnichiwa’  to me! I was so happy about it!!

So try to greet in Japanese if you find any Japanese server or people; they will greet back to you for sure!!



What we will introduce today is…..

Words to praise!

Everyone would be happy to hear something good about him/her, right??

Let’s learn some words to praise and make everyone happy!



Some words you might know are…

かわいい (Kawaii)

  • ‘kawaii’  means cute or pretty.
  • ‘kawaii’  is usually for girls, kids, or animals, but sometimes we use it for boys to tease or to make fun of.
  • You can use Kawaii for the behavior or fashion



かっこいい (Kakkoii)

  • ‘kakkoii’  means cool or handsome
  • ‘kakkoii’  is usually for boys, but sometimes we use it for girls when they do something cool or their fashion is cool



イケメン (Ikemen)

  • ‘ikemen’  means basically the same as kakkoii
  • ‘Ikemen’  is usually used just for the face while ‘Kakkoii’ can be used for the face, behavior, fashion, and so on.


Examples 1

  • Your shoes are かわいい Kawaii (cute) / かっこいい Kakkoii (cool)!
  • Your dog is かわいい Kawaii (cute)!
  • Ariana Grande is super かわいい Kawaii (pretty)!
  • Ironman is so かっこいい Kakkoii (cool)!


Examples 2


My boyfriend was eating ice cream and he had it on his nose.


かわいい Kawaii!



a fire occurred and a brave man rescued a baby from the fire!

かっこいい Kakkoii!

Those words, especially ‘Kawaii’ are used very often.

Girls say Kawaii too often for everything so nobody really believes it lol.



すごい (Sugoi)

  • ‘Sugoi’  means Wow!, Great! or Awesome!
  • ‘Sugoi ” is used when someone did something great or when you are surprised by something that has an impact
  • We usually use Sugoi to react.


Example for Sugoi 



My team won the national champion!

すごい Sugoi (Awesome)!!




I can play the guitar, the piano, the trumpet, the drum…..

すごい (wow, great!)

The box office of Avengers Infinity war was US$2.048billion.

すごい Sugoi (Wow)!!
The word すごい (Sugoi) is not to praise but we can use it in this way too.  

Today, I introduced some words to praise!

I think they are simple and easy to use. Use those words and make your friends happy!

You are studying Japanese hard from this blog and I respect it! This is Sugoi すごい (Great)!!


See you next time! 







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