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Today is…Japanese Word for Today Week 6!!!

Last week, we introduced the word to praise.

Japanese Word for Today Vol.5 !!!
Today's lesson is Words to praise! If you are learning Japanese, you need to get used to the way Japanese works. It is very hard, but if you read this, you will know about Japanese.


This week, we will introduce something kind of related to the last week…

How to ask him/her to go out or date!!

Words to go on a date!

While you are studying Japanese or hanging out with Japanese friends, you might fall in love with your friend. 

But you don’t know how to ask him or her to go date?

Here is a place for you to learn!


Let’s start by asking for a date!



ご飯にいきませんか?  (Gohan ni ikimasenka?)

  1. ご飯にいきませんか? (Gohan ni ikimasenka?)

        It means: Do you wanna go out for dinner??

  • ご飯 (gohan) → In general, it means food or rice. However, we can use this word for dinner, lunch, and breakfast. 
  • に (ni) → for
  • 行きませんか (ikimasenka) → go out



ふたりで遊びに行かない? (futaride Asobi ni ikanai?)

  1. ふたりで遊びに行かない? (futaride Asobi ni ikouyo!)

        It means:  Do you wanna hang out with me?

  • ふたり (futari) → 2 people (In this case “you and me”)
  • 遊び (asobi) → Hang out
  • に (ni) → to
  • 行かない?(ikanai?) → Do you wanna go



Words to get a girlfriend/boyfriend!

They are common phrases to ask for a date.

Maybe this is the first step!

But they could be taken as a friend, so you have to show your feeling somehow.

Next step is the after you go out and to make a girlfriend or boyfriend.



私 / 僕と付き合ってください。(watashi / boku to tsukiatte kudasai)

  1. 私 / 僕と付き合ってください。(watashi / boku to tsukiatte kudasai)

        It means: Could you be my partner?

  • 私 (watashi) → I, me (can be used for both male and female)
  • 僕 (boku) → I, me (just for male)
  • と (to) → with
  • 付き合ってください (tsukiatte kudasai) → could you be my partner.



私 / 僕の彼氏 / 彼女になってください。(watashi/boku no kareshi/kanojo ni nattekudasai)

  1. 私 / 僕の彼氏 / 彼女になってください。

   (watashi / boku no kareshi / kanojo ni nattekudasai)

        It means: Could you be my boyfriend/girlfriend?

  • 私 (watashi) → I, me (can be used for both male and female)
  • 僕 (boku) → I, me (just for male)
  • の (no) → of
  • 彼氏 (karesi) → boyfriend
  • 彼女 (kanojo) → girlfriend
  • に (ni) → to
  • なってください (nattekudasai) → could you be

They are common phrases to ask to go out.

They are very straight forward.



How to show your love!

When you get a girlfriend or boyfriend, you want to show your love.

Here are some examples!

  1. 好きです (sukidesu) → I like you (lighter)
  2. 愛してる (aishiteru) → I love you (heavier)
  3. かわいい (kawaii) → cute, pretty, sweet
  4. かっこいい (kakkoii) → cool



Bonus phrase!

月が綺麗ですね (tsuki ga kirei desune)

It means: The moon is beautiful

  • 月(tsuki) → moon
  • が(ga) → is
  • 綺麗(kirei) → beautiful
  • ですね(desune) → isn’t it?

This is an old phrase to tell I love you.

This phrase came from a popular Japanese story writer, Natsume Soseki in the late 19th century.



Today we introduced how to ask for a date in Japanese!

Tell your feeling to your loved one and catch one’s heart!

See you next time!!








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