Japanese Words for Today Vol.9


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The last lesson, we explained how to introduce yourself in Japanese.

Japanese Words for Today Vol.8 ー Self‐introduction Part.1
It's Japanese Words for Today Vol.8! We start the new series of Japanese Words for Today. How to introduce yourself in Japanese! Let's learn Japanese with us!

This was a Part.1, we will post Part.2 soon so be ready!


Today is….

Japanese Words for Today Vol.9

We will explain how to ask about your new friends!

Let’s start the lesson!!



What is your name?

In Japanese, it is : 

“あなたのなまえはなにですか?” ( Anata-no Namae-wa Nani desuka?)

  • あなたの (Anata-no) -your
  • なまえ (Namae) -name
  • は (Wa) -is
  • なに(Nani) -what
  • です(Desu) – just makes the sentence polite
  • か(Ka) – “ka” makes the sentence question form.

This is a formal form of how to ask your friend’s name. 

When it comes to casual form, you can say “なまえなに?” (Namae-nani?)



How old are you?

In Japanese, it is : 

“あなたはなんさいですか?” (Anata-wa nansai desuka?)

  • あなたは (Anata Wa) – you are
  • なんさい (Nansai) -how old
  • です (Desu)-polite
  • か (Ka)-question

In casual form, it can be ”なんさい?”(Nansai?)



Where are you from?

In Japanese, it is:

”あなたは、どこからきましたか?” (Anataha Doko Kara kimashita ka?)

  • あなたは (anataha) – you
  • どこ (Doko) -where
  • から(Kara) -from
  • きました (Kimasita) -came
  • か (Ka)-question

In other words, you can use:

”しゅっしんはどこですか?” (Syussin ha doko desuka?)

  • しゅっしん (Syussin) – From
  • どこ (Doko) – Where
  • ですか? (Desuka?) – question 



Are you a student? 

In Japanese, it is : 

“あなたはがくせいですか?” (Anata-wa gakusei desuka?)

  • あなたは (Anata-wa) -you are
  • がくせい (Gakusei) -student
  • です (Desu)-polite
  • か (Ka)-question


The sentences we introduced today are used in every conversation in the first meeting! 

So try to learn and introduce yourself in Japanese!

Japanese people must be surprised and would be interested in you!!



Bonus words 

Countries’ names in Japanese.

  • Canada -カナダ (Kanada)
  • Japan -にほん (Nihon)
  • South Korea -かんこく(Kankoku)
  • China -ちゅうごく (Chugoku)
  • America -アメリカ (America)
  • Mexico -メキシコ (Mekishiko)
  • Italy -イタリア (Italia)
  • Germany -ドイツ (Doitsu)
  • France -フランス (France)


See you next time!!




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