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Hello everyone

Happy Canada Day! (July 1st)

Canada is now 152 years!

It was my 4th time celebrating Canada day in Canada for me. In Japan, we don’t really celebrate Japanese day, so it is kind of a new experience for many Japanese people to see the parade, fireworks, and stuff.  


Today is…

“Japanese Word for Today Vol 10”


Last week, we introduced “how to ask about your friends”.

Japanese Words for Today Vol.9
It is Japanese Words for Today Vol.9! Today, we explained how to ask about your new friends. Let's make a Japanese friend with us!

This week, we will introduce “how to tell someone what you like or like to do”.


There will be many many new words so please focus!

Let’s start! 




“LIKE” in Japanese is すき (Suki).

Many of you should know this word already because we introduced this word in vol.6.


Which was about asking for going out.



How to tell what you like

Japanese grammatical order is different from English. 

In English, if you want to tell someone what you like,

the grammatical order is:

  • ①Who ②like ③what

For example:

  • ① I ② like ③Japanese Anime.


 In Japanese, the grammatical order is:

  • ①Who ②what ③like

For example:

  • ①わたしは ②日本 の アニメ が ③すき です。
  • ( ①Watashi-wa ②Nihon no anime ga ③Suki desu)


  • わたし -I
  • 日本 -Japan
  • の -of
  • アニメ -Anime
  • が 
  • すき -like
  • です -making a sentence polite

So if you put the sentence in English by Japanese order, it’s gonna be:

  • I Japanese Anime like.

This would confuse you a little bit but if get used to it, it is not that hard!

Because you just switch and ③ above!


For other examples:


  • I like cars.


  • わたしは くるまが すきです。
  • (Watashi wa Kuruma ga suki desu)

   In Japanese order, it’s I cars like”.



  • She likes coffee.


  • かのじょは コーヒーが すきです。
  • (Kanojo wa coffee ga suki desu)

Same thing: “She coffee like”



How to tell what you like to do

The same as before, the Japanese grammatical order is different from English to tell someone what you like to do as well.

English grammatical order is:

  • ①who ②like ③doing ④what

For example:

  • ①I ②like ③watching ④Anime.


In Japanese:

  • ①Who ②what ③doing ④like

For example:

  • ①わたしは ②アニメを ③見るのが ④すきです。
  • (①Watashi wa ②anime wo ③mirunoga ④suki desu)                        
  • わたしは -I
  • アニメを -Anime
  • 見るのが -watching
  • すき -like
  • です-polite

If you put this in English by Japanese order:

  • I Anime watching like.


Again, it is quite different from English. But once you get it, it’s easy!



More examples


  • I like playing the guitar


  • わたしはギターをひくのがすきです。
  • (Watashi wa guitar wo hikuno ga suki desu)

Its, “I guitar playing like.”



  • He likes to eat ice cream.


  • かれはアイスクリームをたべることがすきです。
  • (Kare wa ice cream wo taberukoto ga suki desu)

Its, “The ice cream to eat like.” 



The key points

The key point of this is lesson is that you have to know how the structure of the Japanese sentences and English sentences are different.

And you have to use those phrases to understand!

“If you don’t speak, you won’t understand the language.” 




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