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How is your summer vacation going?  

Saint Mary’s University is in a summer vacation right now, however, we will have an event!! 

We will celebrate Kodomo no-hi which is the children’s day in Japan!! 

Date: May 8th 

Location: Saint Mary’s Library (Atrium)

Time: 3 pm

If you are interested, please go to this page and check the details !!

Kodomo no-Hi Event (子供の日イベント)【New Event】
Japanese Canadian Society's first event for this semester !! We will celebrate Kodomo no-Hi at Saint Mary's University !! Let's have a fun time together!!



Japanese Words For Today Vol 2 !!


This is the second one for the series.

Last time we introduced,

  • まじ  (Maji) -Really
  • それな   (Sorena) -Exactly
  • あーね   (Ah-ne) -Got it

These words are really useful in daily conversations with your friends.

Japanese Words for Today !!
(This blog is replaced from the other website) When you go to Japan, you have to learn a lot of slung words !! Let's become a real Japanese together !!



Words for today are…

  • たしかに   (Tashikani)
  • めっちゃ   (Meccha)
  • やばい   (Yabai)

We also use these words a lot in the conversations. You might hear やばい (Yabai) often in Japanese Anime or Japanese movies.

We will introduce the meanings and how they are used!

Let’s get started!!



①たしかに  (Tashikani)

‘Tashikani’ means True! or Definitely! in English.

Tashikani is used when you understand someone’s point and agree. Tashikani can be used before the word and by itself.

  • Example 1

A: There is no spring in Canada!

B: True! (Tashikani)

  • Example 2

A: 1+1 = 2 right ?

B: Definitely (Tashikani) right!



②めっちゃ  (meccha)

‘Meccha’ means Very in English.

Meccha is similar to Maji which we introduced in the last lesson. Meccha is only used before a word you wanna emphasize for, while Maji can be used by itself.

Meccha can be placed before a verb or noun.

  • Before the Verb

A: I will MECCHA do my best today !!

B: I’ll look forward to it!

  • Before noun

A: It feels MECCHA cold today, isn’t it?

B: It is MECHA-KUCHA cold today!



③やばい  (Yabai)

‘Yabai’ could be used in various situations, either good or bad.

The closest English word is ‘shit’.

You use shit all the time to express your emotion, Yabai is like that.


1. Yabai, I overslept… I’m late for class.

2. Yabai!! I won the lottery and got $10,000!

3. Yabai, Yabai, Yabai… I hit my toes on the corner!!!



Today, I introduced 3 words, たしかに(Tashikani), めっちゃ(Meccha), やばい (Yabai).

They are very useful in conversations with your friends, but they are not polite words. So please don’t use them to profs or elder people or writings.

Now, try to listen to Japanese people speaking, or Japanese movies. You can hear those 6 words I introduced so far (Maji, Sorena, Ah-ne, Tashikani, Meccha, and Yabai) めっちゃ(very) often!

After writing the last blog, I realized how often I am using those words and how useful they are.

Based on my personal experience, ‘Listing’ and ‘Speaking’ (actually using it) are the most important things to do to learn the language.

Even if you know many words, they are useless or worthless until you actually use them.

If you want to learn Japanese, please contact us!! 







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